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Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz.jpg

Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz

Archbishop of Louisville, KY

Deacon Ralph Torrelli, whom I have known for 16 years, speaks with a pastoral heart and deep love for Christ and His Church. I welcome his online homily service ...

Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi.jpg

Reverend Thomas J. Rodi

Archbishop of Mobile, AL

Drawing upon his love of scripture and his practice of Lectio Divina, Deacon Torrelli offers priests and deacons pearls of great value to inspire and assist in homilies ...

Deacon Gayden R. Harper.png

Gayden R. Harper

Deacon of Biloxi, MS

Deacon Torrelli's Homiletic Pearls as the very best available for a priest, deacon, preacher or those in formation/seminary who strive to improve preaching skills.

Fr. Andrew Mensah.jpg

Father Andrew Mensah

St. Clare’s, Staten Island, NY

... an insightful guide and a rich resource to priests, deacons and all who seek to develop a rich devotion to scriptures and communicate it to others.


Father Mark A. Ropel

Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas, MS

Deacon Ralph Torrelli has been a source of inspiration to our parishioners, deaconate classes, and people of our Diocese through his homilies.


Deacon Ron Rojas

Diocese of St. Petersburg

... produce excellent homilies rather than improvising or delivering superficial homilies, Deacon Ralph provides a series of resources to allow more effective preparation ...

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