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Several years ago, members of the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Biloxi were asked to express their expectations of newly ordained Deacons as our diocese implemented a plan to begin formation classes every 3 years. By consensus, the priests of this council stated their need for Deacons with good preaching skills.

Under the leadership of Deacon Ralph Torrelli as homiletics instructor for our formation classes, we have ordained 19 outstanding preachers in two formation classes, and currently have 16 men in two additional classes who will receive 90 classroom/practicum hours of Deacon Ralph Torrelli's method of homiletic proficiency.

Being familiar with numerous on-line homiletic resources, Scriptural Commentaries, and homily/reflection publications, I consider Deacon Torrelli's Homiletic Pearls as the very best available for a priest, deacon, preacher or those in formation/seminary who strive to improve preaching skills. I am excited that Deacon Torrelli has decided to expand the availability of these Pearls, enabling people of all faith traditions to be better preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deacon Gayden R. Harper,
Director of Lay Personnel, 
Director, Office of Pastoral Services,
Director, of the Diaconate
Diocese of Biloxi

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