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About Deacon Ralph:

Since my ordination in 1981, the Lord has blessed me with a passion for preaching. In the Diocese of Trenton, although we had six deacons at the parish in Hamilton Square, New Jersey, I preached every week there. In the Diocese of Knoxville, I preached every weekend in my parish, plus at two Masses during the week. I launched a local radio and TV preaching ministry with our Choir Director. He would open the broadcast with song, mention the theme of the message, and then introduce me. The radio program aired Monday – Friday for 20 minutes and the TV ministry aired Wednesday evening for 30 minutes. We did this for 7 years in Crossville, Tennessee. 

The passion to preach is still a vibrant aspect of my ministry and has led to an equally passionate zeal to write. Ten years ago, in my current Diocese (Biloxi), then Bishop Thomas Rodi asked me to author the Scripture commentary column for the Diocesan newspaper, The Gulf Pine Catholic. I continue in this ministry to the present. 


Also, in the last 10 years, I authored four pamphlets in a series titled, Come Holy Spirit, published by Liguori, and a Bible Study guide, Heart To Heart With God – Six Ways To Empower Your Prayer Life, published by Word Among Us Press. Deacon Digest has also published a number of my articles on Homiletics.   


In 2006 I began teaching a three-year Homiletics Course for Deacons in formation for the Diocese of Biloxi. All Deacons in classes 2009, 2013, 2016 and 2019 and beyond have been ordained with preaching faculties.  


I consider it a privilege and blessing to be a member of CATH (Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics).  

"Mass on the Grass", on Campus at
The University of Southern Mississippi 

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