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This site contains reflections current to the Sunday Lectionary Cycle. Available now are reflections for Cycle B 2024. Upon ordering, with just one click, these 53 reflections (each a separate file clearly marked for each Sunday and editable) is electronically delivered to your File Explorer MS Word file.

under Downloads. You can modify the text to produce the document you will use in your Homily. But sharing these files with others would be a dishonest use of the material - similar to sharing passwords from streaming services (Netflix etc.). 



As a bonus, you will receive an XL Spreadsheet Cross-referencing 77 Sunday and weekday references to aid in your weekday preaching as well. Additionally, there are 52 Gospel parallels referenced for further preparatory research.  

For questions contact Deacon Ralph at or phone/text 601-310-0104.

Lectionary Citation to Pearl Cycle B 2024:

Lectionary Citation                     Pearl

  • Advent 1st Sun. B                   Spiritual Well-Being

  • Advent 2nd Sun. B                  Improvement Plan

  • Advent 3rd Sun. B                   Joyful Noise 

  • Advent 4th Sun. B                   Who's in Charge

  • Holy Family B                          Holiness

  • Epiphany of the Lord B            Celebrate Light

  • Ordinary 2nd Sun. B                Passion

  • Ordinary 3rd Sun. B                 Do it Now!

  • Ordinary 4th Sun. B                 God's GPS

  • Ordinary 5th Sun. B                 Restoration

  • Ordinary 6th Sun. B                 Spiritual Leprosy

  • Lent 1st Sun B                        Signs

  • Lent 2nd Sun B                       Faith Demonstrated

  • Lent 3rd Sun B                       Prove It 

  • Lent 4th Sun B                       God's Song

  • Lent 5th Sun B                       New Life

  • Passion Sunday B                   Triumph of the Cross

  • Easter Sunday B                     Resurrection Victory

  • Easter 2nd Sun Divine Mercy   Mercy Acts

  • Easter 3rd Sun B                    Faith or Feelings?

  • Easter 4th Sun B                    Revolution of Love

  • Easter 5th Sun B                    Encouraging Mission

  • Easter 6th Sun B                    Jesus Saves

  • Ascension of the Lord B          Turning Point

  • Pentecost Sun B                     Fire Assurance

  • Most Holy Trinity                    Mystery or Majesty 

  • Body & Blood of Christ B         Real Presence\

  • Ordinary 10th Sun B               Jesus Accommodates

  • Ordinary 11th Sun B               Limiting God

  • Ordinary 12th Sun B               Sea Change 

  • Ordinary 13th Sun B               Worthy

  • Ordinary 14th Sun B               Jesus Among Us

  • Ordinary 15th Sun B               Trust 

  • Ordinary 16th Sun B               Shepherd of my Soul

  • Ordinary 17th Sun B               Wealth of God

  • Ordinary 18th Sun B               Feed me Lord!

  • Ordinary 19th Sun B               Change of Heart

  • Ordinary 20th Sun B               Invitation to Grace

  • Ordinary 21st Sun B               Choices

  • Ordinary 22nd Sun B              Greatness 

  • Ordinary 23nd Sun B              Restoration

  • Ordinary 24th Sun B              Three L's

  • Ordinary 25th Sun B              God Cares

  • Ordinary 26th Sun B              Servant-Leadership

  • Ordinary 27th Sun B              "At Last" 

  • Ordinary 28th Sun B              Prosperity Prayer

  • Ordinary 29th Sun B              Living Hope

  • Ordinary 30th Sun B              Two Cents Rule

  • Ordinary 31st Sun B              Love

  • Ordinary 32nd Sun B             Trust in the Lord

  • Ordinary 33rd Sun. B             Promise or Persecution?

  • Jesus Christ the King B          King of Kings

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