This site contains reflections current to the Sunday Lectionary Cycle. Available now are reflections for Cycle C 2022. Upon ordering, with just one click, these 53 reflections (each a separate file clearly marked for each Sunday and editable) is electronically delivered to your File Explorer MS Word file.

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52 Week C Package Includes:

Lectionary Citation                     Pearl

  • Advent 1st Sun. C                   Taking a Chance

  • Advent 2nd Sun. C                  Promises Fulfilled

  • Advent 3rd Sun. C                   Rejoice

  • Advent 4th Sun. C                   All I want for Christmas is

  • Holy Family C                         Family Matters

  • Epiphany of the Lord C            Light for the World

  • Baptism of the Lord C              Born Again

  • Ordinary 2nd Sun. C                Be Renewed

  • Ordinary 3rd Sun. C                 Listen, Learn, Live

  • Ordinary 4th Sun. C                 Persevere in Faith

  • Ordinary 5th Sun. C                 New Creation

  • Ordinary 6th Sun. C                 Blessing or Curse

  • Ordinary 7th Sun. C                 God's Way 

  • Ordinary 8th Sun. C                 Integrity of Heart

  • Lent 1st Sun C                        Restoration

  • Lent 2nd Sun C                       Pay Attention

  • Lent 3rd Sun C                        Receive the Message

  • Lent 4th Sun C                        Mercy Restores

  • Lent 5th Sun C                        Passages

  • Passion Sunday C                    Passion Personified

  • Easter Sunday C                     Joy of the Lord

  • Easter 2nd Sun Divine Mercy    Mercy Acts

  • Easter 3rd Sun C                     Defining Moments

  • Easter 4th Sun C                     Practice Gratitude

  • Easter 5th Sun C                     Bullet Points to Faith

  • Easter 6th Sun C                     Hoping to Goodness

  • Ascension of the Lord C           With Jesus

  • Pentecost Sun C                      Fire Assurance

  • Trinity Sunday C                      Father, Son, Holy Spirit

  • Body and Blood of Christ C       True Faith Real Presence

  • Ordinary 13th Sun C                Choose Peace

  • Ordinary 14th Sun C                Free Will

  • Ordinary 15th Sun C                Living Truth

  • Ordinary 16th Sun C                Just Like You!

  • Ordinary 17th Sun C                Intimacy with God

  • Ordinary 18th Sun C                The Devil made me do it

  • Ordinary 19th Sun C                Seeking Wisdom

  • Ordinary 20th Sun C                Disturbing Love

  • Ordinary 21st Sun C                God Gathers

  • Ordinary 22nd Sun C               "Just" Humility

  • Ordinary 23nd Sun C               Conversion

  • Ordinary 24th Sun C                Reality Check

  • Ordinary 25th Sun C                Evangelization

  • Ordinary 26th Sun C                Rebels without a cause

  • Ordinary 27th Sun C                Faithfulness Prevails

  • Ordinary 28th Sun C                Turn Down Pride and…

  • Ordinary 29th Sun C                Survive or Thrive?

  • Ordinary 30th Sun C                Cloud Piercing Prayer

  • Ordinary 31st Sun C                Course Correction

  • Ordinary 32nd Sun C               Safe Bet

  • Ordinary 33rd Sun. C               Stop Signs or Road Markers?

  • Jesus Christ the King C            Jesus or Forbes? 

  • Included: Excel Spreadsheet Lectionary Citation to Pearl